Posted on 11/30/2021

Best Parks to Visit in Myrtle Beach

Did you know that there is more to Myrtle Beach than shopping, amusement parks, and even the boardwalk? We at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts wanted to share with you some of the best parks located in the Myrtle Beach area to try. Vacations can be a little overwhelming to the kids even though they are at the beach. On your next stay with us, head on over to several of these parks and let the kids play their hearts out.

Savannahs Playground

Two beautiful little girls swinging on swings on playground with smile on sunny summer day

If youre looking for an interactive playground with plenty of things for the kids to do, Savannahs Playground is a perfect choice. This playground has ADA-approved equipment, which is great for every child. Located on Farrow Parkway in Myrtle Beach is where youll find the playground. There are plenty of places for parents to sit and watch their kids run their energy out. Dont miss checking this playground out on your next trip to Myrtle Beach.

McLean Park

Another great park has a beautiful playground in McLeanPark. Located in North Myrtle Beach, youll find this hidden gem. Not only doesthis park include a playground for each age group, but it has so much more tooffer. If youre in the mood to play a little tennis or baseball, there are twotennis courts and a baseball field. McLean Park also has several picnicshelters so that you can enjoy a quick snack as the kids play or have a picniclunch.

North Myrtle Beach Park & Sport Complex

woman wearing a dark dress, child wearing a yellow hoodie, man wearing shorts and a shirt pushing a stroller down a path with leaves on ground in a park

As you can imagine, the North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex has so much to offer tourists on their vacation. From having regular sports activities to hosting special events, this complex is a great option. Youll be able to find at the park walking trails, bike trails, three different playgrounds, and even a dog park. Be sure to check out this park if youre looking for something in the North Myrtle Beach area.

Honorable Mentions

We know that there are many other parks located in the areaand we thought that wed mention them to you.

  • Pyler Park - 1309 Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach
  • Chapin Memorial Park - 400 14th Ave N, Myrtle Beach
  • Pavilion Park - 205 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach
  • Myrtle Beach State Park - 4401 S Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach
  • McLeod Park - 6000-6006 Longleaf Dr, Myrtle Beach
  • Family Kingdom Amusement Park - 300 Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach

Getting out and exploring the area while youre staying with us can be exciting and fun for the whole family. Now is the time if you havent booked your next vacation to stay with us at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts. We cant wait to hear which park was your favorite!

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