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6 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation with Your Baby

The first time you head out on a beach vacation with your baby will be a new experience. Few experiences in life can compare to taking your child to a familiar and much-loved place and seeing it through their eyes. Babies are pretty happy no matter where they go as long as you’re there with them. But more than anything else it’s critical to maintain the sleep/eat/play schedule they’re used to at home. Traveling with a baby requires you to be insightful, creative, resourceful and resilient.


Think about every detail of your trip before you ever leave home. Try not to squeeze too many things into too short a time or you’ll be stressed. And we all know a stressed parent equals a stressed baby.


6 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation with Your Baby


1. Plan Ahead. Try to schedule your airline flights during your baby’s normal napping time. Walk and play with the baby during extended periods of time at the airport. Remember, the more energy exerted in the airport will be less exerted in the confines of an airplane.


2. Keep to a Schedule. During your vacation try very hard to maintain the schedule you have at home. That includes the time you wake up and go to sleep, when you eat meals, and when various nap times are. Vacationing with baby is not the time to enjoy a night life.


6 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation with Your Baby


3. Ask First. Find out before even making your reservations if the place where you’re staying provides sleeping arrangements for babies. Ask the car rental agency if they provide car seats and have the right size.


4. Stay Calm. Don’t stress out while getting ready for your trip because babies have an uncanny knack for sensing that in you and then will be on edge too.


6 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation with Your Baby


5. Less is Better. With babies the rule really is “Just Do Less.” Don’t over stimulate a baby. Make sure they take their naps in a quiet and comfortable space. Afternoon naps improve the chances of a quality evening so consider taking a nap when the baby does.


6. Use Sunscreen. It’s important to shield babies from the sun. Don’t plan on a tent or canopy because some beaches simply don’t allow them. Bring hats and light weight clothing for your baby and children. Apply sunscreen to all areas of skin. Read the label and reapply as required.


When you’re planning that Myrtle Beach vacation with your baby, you’ll want easy access to the beach. Our large assortment of oceanfront vacation rentals will have everything you require for a comfortable stay with the family. Check us out online. We know you’ll like what you see.

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6 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation with Your Baby