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What to Pack for a Summer Vacation at Myrtle Beach

When it comes to packing for any type of vacation, people usually fall into one of two camps – they either pack way too much and use half of what they brought or they pack way too little and leave many critical items at home. We’re here to help you streamline the packing process and take the stress out of it.

Packing for a beach vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. To alleviate every traveler’s stress that sounds like “Oh man, what am I forgetting?” we’ll give you a checklist of the most important items you should consider bringing. Check each item off only when it’s been placed into your luggage or vehicle.


What to Pack for a Summer Beach Vacation

Plan Well Ahead

When you have weeks, rather than minutes, to pack everything you and your family needs for a trip you’re less likely to forget important items. If you keep in mind that every thing is replaceable, that no matter what you may have forgotten to bring, you can purchase or rent at low cost once you reach your destination, you really take the pressure off.


What to Pack for a Summer Beach Vacation

What Not to Bring

Don’t bring large items that you can easily rent once you arrive or that may already be supplied with your vacation rental. Items such as beach chairs, umbrellas, rafts and other blow up beach toys take up valuable space in your luggage. Food items should also not be brought as these can be purchased at any nearby grocery. Bicycles, bike helmets, kayaks and other watercraft can also be rented inexpensively.


What to Pack for a Summer Beach Vacation

What to Bring

Following are some of the most common items you may want to bring on a family beach vacation plus some things you may not have thought of.

▢ Camera or Video Cam – Even if your phone has a built-in camera it’s a good idea to bring a back up. You want to be sure to capture those precious moments!
▢ Give a bit of thought to whether you’re bringing computer equipment. Remember, this is a vacation. A laptop or tablet/pad may be beneficial but leave the printer, external keyboards and monitors at home.
▢ Any charging or power cables for camera, phone, and any computer equipment you may be bringing along.
▢ Beach towels, sunscreen, and a cooler can be brought or purchased locally.
▢ Favorite pillow, a child’s favorite blanket, favorite toys to occupy the kids on the trip there.
▢ Swimsuits, sunglasses, and a really cool sun hat to shield you or your family members from the sun.
▢ A good book (and reading glasses if you need them).
What to Pack for a Summer Beach VacationClothing – Bring casual summer wear and one dress up outfit. Also bring a lightweight long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from too much sun.
▢ Footwear – Sneakers or other walking shoes, sandals, and a pair of nice shoes to go with the dress up outfit should you decide to dine somewhere upscale or take in a live show.
▢ Medicines that any family members are required to take. Bring any medical records including your health insurance card and your primary care physician’s contact info.
▢ If you’ll be mailing postcards bring your address book unless you store this information on your phone.
▢ Personal care items such as shampoo, toothpaste, floss, first aid kit, deodorant, headache remedies, razor, soap, etc. can be brought or can be easily purchased at a local drug store.
▢ An itinerary. Prior to your trip it’s a good idea to do some research online for the area you’re visiting. For those that like to plan ahead, make a list of places you want to visit and what you want to do each day. Be sure to check out the many local events.
▢ Rain gear. You probably won’t need it but it won’t hurt to bring a raincoat and/or umbrella for each person in your family. That way if it does sprinkle you’ll quite literally be covered.
▢ Binoculars are great for exploring up and down the coastline as well as out into the Atlantic Ocean.


What to Pack for a Summer Beach Vacation

It’s never a good idea to travel with a lot of cash no matter where you were planning on stashing it. Debit and credit cards, or Traveler’s Checks are all safer ways to cover your expenses when traveling. Be sure to bring contact information for the banks or other lending institutions that supplied the cards in case they happened to go missing.

We know that when you have the important things with you on vacation, you’re have a much more relaxing time. Check us out online at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts for your accommodations. We can supply you with fully furnished and beautifully decorated beach vacation rentals that will enhance your stay to the fullest.


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What to Pack for a Summer Vacation at Myrtle Beach